WLJ54311 - Single-Sided Reinforced Insertable Index

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Customize your work and set it apart from the rest with insertable tab dividers. Great for everyday use, insertable dividers let you create a personalized index to help guide your reader through your report or presentation. They're also great for organizing reference materials so you can find the sections you use the most, faster. Available in sets of 5 or 8 tabs, Insertable Tab Dividers are pre-punched and fit nicely inside any standard size 3-ring binder or report cover. Each divider is constructed of strong, 32 lb. buff paper with a durable, reinforced binding edge. The translucent, multicolor tabs are easily visible and clearly display inserts. Blank, white inserts are included. You can also format the insert sheet on your computer and print out your tab titles right from your very own laser or ink jet printer. This enhances readability, looks more professional and eliminates the need for you to spend time writing directly on the tiny inserts. Multicolor tabs are red, yellow, green, clear, blue with pink and orange included for the 8 tab set. Both 5 and 8 tab set Insertable Dividers are available with clear tabs as well